About Us

the G BLOCK Show is Wry, Witty humor at its best.

If you're disappointed by predictable & thoughtless comedy then you need the thoughtfully honest, surprisingly refreshing "boomer humor", "comfort comedy" that is the G Block Show.  

What many consider normal is really ABSURD.

The ideal G Block Show listener or viewer is one that enjoys the good comedy that comes from the pointing out and lampooning of life's absurdities that hide in plain site.  

Join in the fun with America's funniest videos and audio comedies.

 There are few things more enjoyable and satisfying than joining Capt. Very Sulty &  friends as they lampoon the tabloids and generate rich comedy spin offs. America's funniest "boomer humor" videos.

THE most LOVABLE Revealer of reality creates Comfort comedy

It's likely you'll never get tired of listening to Very Sulty. The way this senior/baby boomer with his boomer humor sees things will make you feel relaxed, fulfilled and satisfied.